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Matthew 18:20

Please NOTE:

While there will indeed be a list of links of all mini web-pages being hosted on this domain here, this site, however, will NOT be able to maintain a link-list of ALL other polygamy sites (which are not hosted on this domain).

For other links, info, and assistance, please instead see other sites for that. E.g., TRUTH BEARER is quite comprehensive as well as listing many other resources in Christian Polygamy.

Although details are still being worked out,
this domain is also going
to be available for hosting
various (but small) Christian Polygamy sites.
Likely options will be along the lines of
"free with advertising" sites
and prepaid year-length "no-ad" sites.

All who would seek to have such a web-page at this domain, must also agree that they:

  • profess that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour
  • profess that Christ died on the cross and was resurrected
  • that Christ ascended and is seated on the right of the Father
  • profess that they await for the second coming of Christ in glory
  • will not and do not promote mormon, muslim, or other such religions
  • will not and do not promote violence or racism
  • will not and do not present pornography or links to such sites
  • will not and do not promote other web-sites but their own
  • will only have "on-topic" (Christian Polygamy) content on their mini-web page
  • and again, they profess that Jesus Christ is their personal Lord and Saviour
This domain will not be a "doctrine police", but key elements of the Christian faith are necessary, as differentiating from Christian versus other variations. While this domain does understand and appreciate the need for discussion of doctrine and so forth, such discussion can be held elsewhere. Everyone's cooperation and understanding in this matter is appreciated. (Thank you.)

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